Friends, Family, Frolic !

Recent musings: stripes, bare face & messy hair.

Escaped the heat on Sunday with my guy, a few friends and my cousins. After a night of debauchery we managed to wake up, whipped up some PB & J sandwiches & spam masubi. Packed some refreshments, snacks and headed to Natural bridges in Santa Cruz where it was approximately 20 degrees cooler, whew!

Here are some photos from the day. Enjoy!

Study Abroad Update:

Gilman Scholarship funds have been received. I’ve used some of the funds to book my one way flight to Bangkok on Student Universe, ($556.00) Scheduled to depart on August 4, 2010!  And applied for my Multiple Entry, Student Visa, ($175.00). Thanks again Gilman!


G.T.L on a Friday night

Minus the T & the L.

For those of you rational human beings that have witnessed the show “Jersey Shore” on M.T.V., you probably share the same enthusiasm as me because this means that we can finally, move on from M.T.V. (Music Television? where the h*&$ is the music!)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about or just refuse to admit it. Certainly, you’ve heard the parodies. Heard about “Snooki” & the “Situation,” “fist pumping (rather vulgar term if you ask me)” & “G.T.L” (Gym, Tan, Laundry) etc. For goodness sake, these people have a DUCK as their telephone!

Allow me to illustrate their pretentiousness with one phrase, taken verbatim by “The Situation” himself when three sk*^nks hopped in their rooftop jacuzzi: “This situation is gonna be indescribable, you can’t even describe the situation that you’re about to get into the situation.” yup, that sentence really happened.

Okay, fine! I’m not gunna lie. I friggin’ loved that show! You must understand where I’m coming from. C’mon now, MTV successfully found eight of the most outrageously absurd humans on the East coast and stuck them in a house together. GENIUS!

My guy & I snapping photos after pumping some 8 pound dumb bells, ya know…not pretentious at all.

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Hope your Friday night was more eventful than mine 🙂

Just not the same

Father’s day has never been a day for me to thank and appreciate my own father for he has been absent my entire life. My grandfather however, was the stronghold of our family. The only reason why we’d get together and celebrate any occasion. He passed away last November at 93 years old and it just hasn’t been the same without him….

Happy Father’s Day ah gong. Miss & love you dearly.

& to the most inspirational woman in my life, my mom. Thanks for fulfilling both roles. XXOO


My feet at 3 weeks & 4 days post-op.

Very minimal scarring along with slight swelling & bruising. Also, I’ve been experiencing major toe stiffness so I have to apply pressure on my heels when walking/standing. Daily toe exercises are rather painful but really helping the flexibility of my toesies. Other than that, I am healing rather quickly and very pleased with my new feet.

Also feeling very spoiled with all the help & thoughtful wishes throughout the recovery process. Thanks ❤ ❤

Treats for my new feet.

organized a bit today.

Got a little camera happy. Lovin’ my new lens 🙂

lets get acquianted

Hello People. I thought I’d briefly give an intro about myself and the purpose or lack thereof, of this blog for the two people that read my blog. One of which is me.

About me. Currently, I am a Business/Finance student at San Jose State University and  have come to realize that all these finance courses are sucking the life force right out of me. Of course this happens my senior year, as I should be seeking relevant internships and possible career opportunities. But I’m not.

I’ve spent my entire college years working two jobs, attempting to maintain somewhat of a social life and being consumed with pleasing others. This routine has grown old and I’ve finally decided to do what AIMI wants to do and what makes ME happy. For the next few months I will be able to focus entirely on my studies in Thailand, explore, volunteer and as cliche as it may sound; discover myself.

I’ve created this blog to use as my personal space where :

  • I will document various happenings in my life.
  • Rant about random thoughts that float around in my crazy mind.
  • Share things that inspire or interest me.
  • My friends & family will be able to peak in and experience the ruckus.