Austin, you did me real good!

Eleven days ago I had a Bi-lateral Austin Bunionectomy performed on my feet. yikes!

If you’re not familiar with Bunions, this rather painful and ugly misalignment of the big toe and additional bone formation
occurs when the big toe angles in towards the other toes, a condition called hallux valgus. Bunions are most common in women, and the cause is usually wearing unsuitable footwear.

I developed mine way before I ever discovered ill-fitting shoes. Unfortunately, mine were genetically inherited and of course got worse after I began wearing heels 🙂 oh the sacrifices…. I began to notice these bad boys as early as grade school and by the time I began college they would cause me discomfort on a daily basis. Usually the pain is mild and accompanied by the area being inflamed (red) and in worse cases, there is some swelling.

I was very nervous about getting the surgery due to all the horror stories I’ve heard about the post-op recovery period. And of course piling on the extra weight from being inactive for a few weeks. Now that I am 11 days post-op, I am very happy with the entire process thus far. The surgery took an hour and a half and went very smoothly! I was put out by general anesthesia and did not experience any major side effects aside from minor nausea which didn’t last long at all.

The surgery in a nutshell minus all the technical terms. They shaved down the bone on each foot, cut into the bone of the big toe, re-aligned it and stuck a pin in it.

The first 3 days were probably the worse because anytime I lowered my feet it’d begin to throb. There was very little walking involved in those days as well, mostly crawling or being carried to the bathroom by my wonderful boyfriend. After the 3rd day I was able to walk very short distances (to the bathroom, kitchen…etc.) and was no longer taking the pain killers religiously. By the 7th day I was able to go to the market and brief outings in a wheel chair and was not entirely dependent on keeping my feet elevated with ice. 9th day, I’ve returned to work (I have a desk job) and kept my feet elevated under my desk. By now I would say my walking is about 70%, I definitely can not walk fast nor too long but it’s really getting better everyday! The pain is practically nonexistent, just slight aching if I stand/walk for too long but it’s not bad at all.

I’ve included a brief slideshow of my post-op results and activities. There is one of my actual feet w/ stitches that appear to be zombie-esque; that was one week post-op getting my bandages changed.

I will update with once I get the stitches removed this Friday. Enjoy! or be prepared to be grossed out =P

PS. if you EVER have bunion surgery. Or feet surgery in general. Stock up on reading material, movies or just situate yourself right in front of the TV. YOU WILL BE BORED!

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3 thoughts on “Austin, you did me real good!

  1. Hi read your blog on your surgery it was very helpful! I just had an RF Austin bunionectomy with two pins. However it’s day 8 for me and I am not aloud to bare any weight on it for the next 15 days! So it’s amazing your walking after day three and little to no pain! I crutch to the bathroom, kitchen and my foot swells and starts to throb. So I’m really nervous about when it’s time for me to walk on it and if this pain is still going to be there. Do u have any more advice and how are your feet today?

    • Hi Becca!

      It’s been a few years since my surgery and the memory is actually a bit burry by now but what you’re describing sounds pretty similar to what I experienced. In the first week or so, I was able to take VERY FEW steps and immediately elevated my feet right after. ie. I had set up a couple stools in the kitchen and other places around the home so that I was able to put my feet right back up. The throbbing you’re feeling is totally normal and I was told the same thing – to stay off my feet for AT LEAST two weeks. However, since I had both feet done and couldn’t use crutches – I did a lot of crawling which sounds silly but it helped not to put any pressure on it. If I remember correctly by the third week I was already taking spin classes! But I was very careful when riding that my feet was flat and not bending the toe area. Today, I couldn’t be happier with the decision, my feet look and feel so much better. I have no more pain and have since become an avid runner with no problem. My advice is just to be patient, also look up what type of foods to stay away from while healing to reduce swelling 🙂

      • Thank you for the reply I’m doing a lot better now. I’m walking around now and taking trips out just not for very long. Thank you so much for your blog it’s been a big help! ( :

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