Money in the bank

Thank you thank you thank you! or shall I say…..khob kun Ka, Mr. Gilman. for the freee money!

A few months ago, I applied for this scholarship (Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship), thinking that I probably don’t stand a chance! Mostly because I hate to set myself up for disappointment and because….that’s just my luck.

So what exactly do they offer? They offer, “Grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad.”

Essentially, they give starving college students like myself a standing chance to study abroad with a gracious award in exchange for a small amount of your time to inspire others!

Two days ago I opened my e-mail to discover… e-mail titled “Congratulations on your Gilman Scholarship!” and thought to myself.. *no freakin way…

*refresh. refresh. refresh. refresh.

Re-read the e-mail another handful of times.

wooooohoooo!. What can I say. I was overwhelmed with appreciation. I am so thankful not just for the funds but for the opportunity to spread the word about the Gilman Scholarship and international studies. Most of all, I am thrilled that the vision behind my follow-on project proposal was accepted. I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with other students in hopes of changing any misconceptions about international studies and ultimately instill courage in others to do it too!!

As part of my follow on project, I have agreed to blog about my experiences abroad. SO, if I learn how to create cooool videos anytime soon, I will try to put together some video footage of my travels to make my blog semi-bearable.

You bet your booty there will be photos and written updates so stay tuned!

Eight more weeks. Thailand, here I come!!


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