lets get acquianted

Hello People. I thought I’d briefly give an intro about myself and the purpose or lack thereof, of this blog for the two people that read my blog. One of which is me.

About me. Currently, I am a Business/Finance student at San Jose State University and  have come to realize that all these finance courses are sucking the life force right out of me. Of course this happens my senior year, as I should be seeking relevant internships and possible career opportunities. But I’m not.

I’ve spent my entire college years working two jobs, attempting to maintain somewhat of a social life and being consumed with pleasing others. This routine has grown old and I’ve finally decided to do what AIMI wants to do and what makes ME happy. For the next few months I will be able to focus entirely on my studies in Thailand, explore, volunteer and as cliche as it may sound; discover myself.

I’ve created this blog to use as my personal space where :

  • I will document various happenings in my life.
  • Rant about random thoughts that float around in my crazy mind.
  • Share things that inspire or interest me.
  • My friends & family will be able to peak in and experience the ruckus.

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