Just not the same

Father’s day has never been a day for me to thank and appreciate my own father for he has been absent my entire life. My grandfather however, was the stronghold of our family. The only reason why we’d get together and celebrate any occasion. He passed away last November at 93 years old and it just hasn’t been the same without him….

Happy Father’s Day ah gong. Miss & love you dearly.

& to the most inspirational woman in my life, my mom. Thanks for fulfilling both roles. XXOO


My feet at 3 weeks & 4 days post-op.

Very minimal scarring along with slight swelling & bruising. Also, I’ve been experiencing major toe stiffness so I have to apply pressure on my heels when walking/standing. Daily toe exercises are rather painful but really helping the flexibility of my toesies. Other than that, I am healing rather quickly and very pleased with my new feet.

Also feeling very spoiled with all the help & thoughtful wishes throughout the recovery process. Thanks ❤ ❤

Treats for my new feet.

organized a bit today.

Got a little camera happy. Lovin’ my new lens 🙂


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