Love my Lulu

Today marks three amazing years with my love, Lulu. ❤

Many people find it mind boggling how we are still in our honey moon stage after 3 years and how we manage to hang out everyday and never get tired of each other. Well, we are still figuring that out ourselves. One thing that I am certain of is that I have met a life-long friend and quite possibly the love of my life…only time will tell.

For now we are just enjoying our time together. I am so grateful to have met someone who has such a kind heart. Someone so genuine. Someone who loves and appreciates me for all that I am. Someone who laughs with me even when no one else is laughing. Someone who supports me and most importantly……believes in me. The feelings are very mutual and we are so thankful.


Viva Las Vegas

A few highlights:

-HILARIOUS taxi rides with Theresa. “Deuce Oh NINA!!” “B.B.D!!!” + head massage.
-Liz + Pole + Demarcus
-Mary hops into pool excitedly. iPhone 4 + camera joins her for a swim.
-Lisa: “ooooot ooooot” every second of everyday.
-Jasmin or….Desiree?
-Me thinking I was on dancing w/ the stars
-Nicole epic fall into bush = guy coughing up 70$ for us to stay.
-Linda was hypnotized. green eyes?
-Lone Wolf speech by Monica
-Jee wakes up beautiful, effortlessly.
-Neda: Newest addition & cutest ever!
-On the floor of our hallway in lush robes w/ Anne.

Needless to say our 3rd annual trip to Sin City was a success. It’s always a great time for us all to get away together and “bond” with one another, inebriated or not. As we get older each year and gain new responsibilities, I do hope this is a tradition that will stick around for the years to come.

A few photos from our trip. Enjoy.

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My Swede friend.

I’ve been so fortunate to find my two future room-mates during my studies in Thailand, Frida & Haziq; Frida is from Sweden & Haziq is from Singapore and me being the unworldly person that I am; I’ve been trying to learn a little about each of their cultures in hopes of having a better understanding of them.

Frida, this ones’ for you.

My attempt to make a Swedish staple. kanelbullar! (Cinnamon buns) Enjoy.