Viva Las Vegas

A few highlights:

-HILARIOUS taxi rides with Theresa. “Deuce Oh NINA!!” “B.B.D!!!” + head massage.
-Liz + Pole + Demarcus
-Mary hops into pool excitedly. iPhone 4 + camera joins her for a swim.
-Lisa: “ooooot ooooot” every second of everyday.
-Jasmin or….Desiree?
-Me thinking I was on dancing w/ the stars
-Nicole epic fall into bush = guy coughing up 70$ for us to stay.
-Linda was hypnotized. green eyes?
-Lone Wolf speech by Monica
-Jee wakes up beautiful, effortlessly.
-Neda: Newest addition & cutest ever!
-On the floor of our hallway in lush robes w/ Anne.

Needless to say our 3rd annual trip to Sin City was a success. It’s always a great time for us all to get away together and “bond” with one another, inebriated or not. As we get older each year and gain new responsibilities, I do hope this is a tradition that will stick around for the years to come.

A few photos from our trip. Enjoy.

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