Feel the Love

From time to time I often find myself pondering (over-analyzing) about all the relationships I have with loved ones and acquaintances alike because more than anything else in life, I cherish each and every bond I have with others. I believe that my past has influenced this characteristic because I grew up with so much animosity around me.

For years I secretly carried a heavy heart because I didn’t think that I can change the relationships around me. I quickly grew tired of false friendships and endless bickering within the family but these past few weeks have made me feel hopeful again and so glad that I have chosen this path to study abroad.

I say this because I’ve received so much love, support and well wishes from friends and family these past few weeks; they have truly exceeded my expectations and I am overwhelmed with so much joy and gratitude. For years It felt like my attempts to strengthen the bonds among my loved ones have gone unnoticed but I am so happy that I was wrong. (just this once) :p

I enjoyed all the quality time spent with friends & family recently; sending me off feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. What more can I ask for. I am beyond thankful for all the amazing people in my life, even the ones I have yet to meet. ❤

“No matter how much violence or how many bad things we have to go through, I believe that the ultimate solution to our conflicts, both internal and external, lies in returning to our basic underlying human nature, which is gentle and compassionate.”
– Dalai Lama

So, be kind & have compassion. You’ll be amazed how others will reciprocate.

Some photos from my ‘farewell‘ celebrations!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With that being said, I am all packed.

Nervous? yes, Excited? yes, Confused? yes. Scared? absolutely! But I’m just about ready to go! Definitely experiencing a whirlwind of emotions as I prepare to embark on my first international trip. Alone. For 5 months….but more than anything I am grateful for this opportunity and feeling very positive. Will update soon!!


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