Settling in Bangkok

My third full day in Bangkok so far and my only complaint is the lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing and intermittent homesickness. Other than that, I actually look forward to waking up everyday and making new discoveries; it’s an amazing feeling! These first few days have been spent doing errands for school and the apartment with my room-mates Haziq & Frida (whom are wonderful), familiarizing ourselves with the transportation system, local markets and meeting our fellow exchange students. I will try to do a more detailed post soon but for now here is ONE photo for each day that I’ve been here. For the duration of this trip I will post one photo a day, the remaining photos can be found on my flickr and I’ve created a you tube channel for random videos throughout this experience. Enjoy!

Day 1: 08/06
Our new home for the next 5 months…unless we find something cheaper 🙂

Day 2: 08/07
Walking through the slums. So disheartening.

Day 3: 08/08
Purchased our uniform today. First day of school tomorrow!


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