mini meltdown

Today happened to be one of those days where far too many things were going wrong at once and I really felt as though I was going to explode!

Thankfully, I did not.

The obstacles that I encountered were rather trivial such as; missing a few items of my uniform (university pin & belt) and my phone not working (much more frustrating in a foreign environment). Typically these things would be a quick fix because I can just hop in my car and make a few stops…… done!

Of course it didn’t happen that way. Before I was able to fix these issues, I had to bargain with the taxi driver who only speaks Thai of course and settle on a price before heading to MBK shopping center to get my phone checked out. At this time I had about 2 hours before class would begin. Arrived at MBK and frantically circled every floor to find the mobile center which, you guessed it! It was on the very last floor. Headed straight to the first stand I saw and bargained some more to get my phone checked out. Lady tells me to come back in an hour and when I did she requested for another 30 mins. 30 minutes rolls by and of course, they couldn’t fix it. I was then forced to bargain for a new (used) phone and ended up settling with a used first gen iPhone for 6700 bhat (approx 210 USD). Then, I had to grab a taxi to school, purchase a new belt at the book store, hopped on a shuttle half across campus and made it to class about an hour and a half late! So there you have it, my first mini (almost) meltdown.

Usually I don’t complain about such minor things but I think all these rapid changes, lack of sleep & language barriers can be quite frustrating so, to add on a few more complications was a little much on this particular day. But, I managed to make the best of the situation and surely enough everything was dandy.

On to the good stuff.

Here are some photos and brief updates since my last post:

8/12/2010: Experienced Nightlife in Bangkok for the first time at a club called “demo” located in Ekkamai. Music was good, plenty of locals & great company made for a good night.

8/13/2010: Headed to Khao Yai which is approx. 2 hrs. northeast of Thailand. Frida, Haziq and I were invited to spend the weekend with my Thai buddy from school and a few of her friends. On the first day we decided to have a cook-off so we split up in 3 teams and went to the market for some ingredients for our dish as well as food for the weekend. Our team made Seafood Green Curry and though it was on the spicier side, I received many compliments from the Thai’s themselves and was beyond flattered! They were probably just being nice but I’d like to think it was actually not so bad.

8/14/2010: Saturday was spent at Khao Yai’s Adventure park called Bonanza doing activities such as BB guns, shooting arrows, ATVing, canoeing, rock climbing and a few water activities. So many “first’s” in one day!! It was toooo much fun. Overall the weekend spent with locals was very enjoyable and though there was some language barriers among majority of us, everything worked out perfectly and we all learned a lot from each other.

8/15/2010: Bye Bye beautiful Khao Yai.8/16/2010: First Thai Language Class today. Didn’t learn as much as I anticipated but definitely did pick up a few important words/phrases. I shall practice them some more and possibly record a video of myself speaking Thai for your entertainment.

And today. Unfortunately I was so busy being flustered that I didn’t take a single photo today!!! đŸ˜¦

Welcome party this Wednesday held by the Business Faculty at Chulalongkorn for the exchange students, can’t wait!!!


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