Lucky Day

08/18/10: B.B.A held a welcome party for fall 2010 exchange students and I was blown away by the pristine hospitality! Gorgeous venue (Pathumwan Prinecss Hotel), decor, various delectable desserts, plenty of food, cultural performances by the Thai students and of course the performances put on by us, the exchange students. There are approximately 70 of us in the Business faculty this year and we were grouped based on our country and asked to put together a brief performance to represent our country. I enjoyed watching everyone’s presentations, many were very informative and even more were just so much fun to watch! More photos at my flickr & a video of our performance (U.S.A) on my youtube channel.

8/19/2010: Attended my third Thai Language course today and learned how to write my name. I am beginning to grasp the 5 different tones and correctly pronounce a few useful words and phrases. Unfortunately this course is only for one week and I am on my own from there. Hopefully I can pick up more Thai by self studies & friends.

8/20/2010: Another one of my favorite aspects of living here in Bangkok thus far is all the various food carts EVERYWHERE. I have not been able to pass by a fruit cart and not pick up some freshly cut fruit for a mere 20-30 bhat (approx. .60-.70 USD). I am addicted!!
8/21/2010: Joined Haziq & his two new Thai friends, Serena & Song to the Chatuchak weekend market which is one of the world’s largest weekend markets! It was ridiculously chaotic & hot but I enjoyed it very much. You can find a huge variety of products here including: tons of shoes & clothes, household items, Thai handcrafts, religious artifacts, live animals, foods and collectibles. I was not prepared this time because we arrived there quite late around 4pm and they close at 9pm. It’s impossible to just “stroll” through this market because there are things distracting you every inch of the way (at least for me)

I will definitely be frequenting this market during my stay! everyyyything was so darn cute! Clothes, shoes, puppies & even plants! like these below….all of which is dirt cheap!

08/22/2010: Today was indeed my lucky day! As I was anxiously standing in line to board the Chao Phraya River Taxi to the Grand Palace, I felt some warm fluid splatter onto the right side of my face and assumed it was water because it had just rained. Looked up only to discover a pigeon’s behind, and of course realized it had just defecated on me but not to worry because the person in front of me turned around and quickly reassured me that having a bird poop on your head is good luck.

Here is my question of the day then. In what culture is having an airborne animal pooping on your head good luck? Do we say, “Hey, that’s good luck!” to a person who’s newly washed car is christened with bird droppings? Has anyone seen someone running around celebrating “Look, I’m a lucky gal! I’ve been pooped on!” lately? So, where did we get such a crazy kind of superstition? And Frankly… does anyone believe it?

Anyway, bogus or not. I really did feel like a lucky gal because moments later I hopped onto the river taxi and arrived at the breath taking, Grand Palace. Several impressive buildings with beautiful architecture, intricate details and so much history dating back from the early 1780’s. This place was just incredible. We had less than 2 hours there which is definitely not enough to soak it all in so I will definitely be going back! Again, photos on my flickr! Enjoy.


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