3 weeks

Time sure flies! It’s been about 3 weeks now since I began my studies abroad. And to think, I was actually having second thoughts shortly before I left! I never thought I’d be able to move to a different country and feel this comfortable doing so.

Back at home I find myself getting lost on a regular basis due to my nearly nonexistent sense of direction, getting frustrated very easily when things don’t go as planned and generally fearing the unfamiliar. Here, I am faced with these challenges almost everyday.

Recently, I mentioned how great it’s been meeting all of these new people but I forgot to also mention how much I’ve enjoyed spending time with myself. Back at home I was so accustomed to working 2 jobs with a full load at school and the little free time I had would be spent doing something with or for someone else. Prior to this I can’t remember the last time I had quality time for myself and it’s quite nice. Eating out alone once in a while, frequently getting lost and exploring new surroundings alone, just to name a few. It’s been fun!

Some photos from the past few days.

08/23/10: Frida & I had a visitor after leaving our balcony doors open.

08/24/10: Been attending Cycling & Hot Yoga classes here at True Fitness just 2 stops away on Sukhumvit via subway. Amazing equipment & facilities.

08/24/10: Marketing Strategy class photo.

08/25/10: Thailand is famous for the food and I’m sure some of you may be wondering why I don’t have many photos of my amazing food yet? Well, it’s because I am still as frugal here, as I was back in the states and despite the food being ridiculously cheap I still cook at home almost everyday during the week because it’s even cheaper! Besides, I find it very relaxing to cook myself a nice meal and enjoying a quite dinner. My Wednesday night dinner.

08/26/10: Feeling very official with my BTS (subway), MRT (skytrain) passes & my student I.D. which looks ridiculous because there is a ‘no showing teeth’ policy!

Headed south to Ko Samet this weekend! Stay tuned for photos!!


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