rise & fall

What a crazy month it has been. I know this may sound repetitive but holy smokes! I’ve officially been here in Thailand for a exactly one month.

I really wish I can explain this very feeling that I’m experiencing but I can’t seem to find the right words. I guess the best way to describe it is that I’m feeling somewhat….mentally disoriented. In the midst of all the fun and adventures, I have been feeling homesick more often; mostly just miss the ease and company of someone, anyone familiar. I’ve been managing to hang on to my sanity probably because I came here knowing that I will feel this way at some point.

It’s quite strange to me because everyday I am so thankful and excited to be here and I dread the fact that time is flying by incredibly fast but at the same time I just don’t feel like I’ve fully settled in yet. Still seeking that rhythm, I guess.

Despite me sounding like a debbie downer above, I am still enjoying this experience and am looking forward to 4 more months of new memories.

To my friends and family back home…I miss you all so very much. ❤

Here is a massive photo update of what I’ve been up to lately.

08/27/10: typical busy train station on a Friday evening.08/28/10: Hopped on a bus at 7:20 am to Nuanthip Pier 3 hours later, caught a ferry for 30 minutes and arrived here in Koh Samet for a short 2 day getaway. Enjoyed a handful of fresh, delicious and cheap seafood meals, beachfront in two days. A few fun bars on the beach, limbo & jump rope with fire, buckets, blurry night with tons of glow in the dark paint, fire shows and relaxation.

08/29/10: Can’t wait to share this experience with my Lulu ❤ He will be joining me early December! 08/30/10: Mellow Monday. Organize, study and rested for the week ahead. Thought I’d share a photo of the sun setting, from my room.08/31/10:  After school snack for a buck! 09/01/10: Snapped a photo of Traffic in Bangkok on my way to the sky train.09/02/10: Visited China town here in Bangkok and discovered that it’s only about 10 minutes away from where I live. I absolutely loved it there! It appears very similar to any other china town but I just loved the atmosphere, tons of fresh fruit, all the various food stands and herbal shops which reminded me of my mom. Had a nice steamed sea bass cooked to perfection for dinner for just 6$ and this dessert after. I think it’s called ‘tong shui’, very refreshing and it reeaalllllyy made me miss my mom because she makes this pretty often and always reminded me how good it is for me and yummy too!09/03/10: Themba, who is an exchange student from the Netherlands, hosted a party for all the exchange students at his guesthouse and this was the view from his room! Amazing.09/04/10: Headed to Hua Lamphong train station at around 9am and took the 3rd class train for just 50 cents to visit the ruins of Ayutthaya (3 hours away) which was the former capital of Thailand before it was sacked by the invading Burmese in 1767 A.D.

Arriving there was slightly overwhelming because Zev, Mari and I were bombarded by tuk tuk drivers trying to rip us off for a tour around Ayutthaya. After an hour of searching for motor bike rentals we were unsuccessful in finding any because it was such a busy day so we resorted to hiring a tuk tuk driver for a 3 hour tour. A total of 15$ between the three of us, which was not too bad. Unfortunately, 3 hours flew by and we only visited a handful of sites before heading back to Bangkok. This place was truly amazing and had so much history tied to it. My photos doesn’t do it justice but I hope you like them. Check out more at my flickr.

I will be making another day trip to visit the remaining sites so I will update more when I get the chance to visit again.

09/05/10: Decided to make a day trip to the largest floating market in the vicinity (also famous for appearing in a James Bond film, don’t know which one), Damnoen Saduak Floating market which is about 50 miles outside of Bangkok. We caught a bus for 4$ round trip and rented a private boat for about 6$ per person to take us around the floating market. It was not as picturesque as we had imagined, touristy and not much food, produce and flowers being sold as we had hoped for, mostly souvenirs! So, it was a little disappointing but still a good time nonetheless.

There are a couple other floating markets that I will definitely check out sometime soon.

09/06/10: Decided to take advantage of having Monday off and went wake boarding here in Bangkok with Zev, Roman and a few others. It was my first experience cable riding which was….different. Also, as I expected there are not many girls that wake board here in Thailand so my board/boot rental options were rather slim but I managed to make it work and had a great time wake boarding and lunch at the lake. I should also mention that it was only 15$ total to wake board for 2 hours along with gear rental!!
Please forgive me for being so brief. There are so many thoughts and details that I am leaving out but it would take way too long to elaborate on everything and I’d probably bore you.

School has been keeping me busy with tedious assignments but nothing too bad. I am actually seeking some volunteer work and have found some that are really wonderful. Definitely looking forward to getting started with one sometime soon.

This weekend I will be heading to Nakhon Pathom Province for one day as a complimentary cultural trip provided by the business faculty at Chula.

Will try to update again soon! ❤


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