With my time quickly winding down here in Bangkok I am faced with the decision to extend for one more semester or go home. Prior to embarking on this adventure, I was certain that five months abroad would be just enough and maybe even too long to be away from home but I have fallen completely in love with this city and my new dearest friends. I feel like I’ve finally settled in and it’s almost time to leave! I am constantly discovering new things here everyday and I’m certain there is still so much more to see…definitely not ready to go home just yet. So, I’ve contacted and received approval for one more semester from both SJSU & Chula…now I must figure out if I can budget for one more semester and apply for more scholarships of course. In addition, this would be my very last semester of college and I need to decide if I’d like to spend it here but that’s a no-brainer; of course I’d like to spend my last months of college in Bangkok! In the meantime, I’m in the process of making sure I can still graduate on time and weighing the pros & cons of staying or leaving so, I’ll update when I have a final answer.

A few recent memories:

  • Jogging in the rain and thunder at Lumpini park, amazing feeling.
  • Bowling at MBK
  • Home cookin’ on many nights with great company.
  • Planning and going on weekend trips on a whim, never fails!
  • Random nights out in Bangkok
    8 of us squeezed into one taxi.
  • Sunday trips to the temple. This time, Wat Pho. Home of the largest reclining Buddha.
  • Collaborating with lovely Thai students and many others’ from all over the world in class projects. A recent one was for Entrepreneurship where we were given 1000THB capital with 6 hours selling time and asked to start a small business. Some of the girls in my team knew where we can purchase really adorable accessories and sell them for quite a good margin of profit and all proceeds are going to The Foundation For Women here in Bangkok Thailand. I am very proud to say that with just 6 hours of selling time, my team made approx. 19,000THB revenue (11,500THB profit) wooo!!
    I put together a mini selling event at our apartment for half the selling time. Here are a few photos.

    Just after midterms a few of us headed south to the gulf of Thailand to Pranburi which is approximately a 3 hour bus ride from Bangkok. Left early Saturday morning, rented a couple motorbikes upon arrival, search for a guesthouse, had a fresh seafood dinner, cruised around the area and stopped at a cozy cafe for some coffee and chit chat. We knew in advance that Pranburi is not the destination for late night pubs and parties but we hoped there would be at least ONE place in town for us to grab some drinks and hang out but unfortunately there was none to be found. Luckily there was a group of Thai’s celebrating their 3rd anniversary of their classic bike group (BMC) also at our guesthouse and they invited us to join them. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Sure, there is always the language barrier which made it a little difficult to converse with them but with some good ol’  Thai music, drinks, dancing and laughter galore….we had a blast. Cheers to new friends !

    Next up on the itinerary: MALAYSIA for 4 days!!

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