Perfect Sunday

Last Sunday I accompanied my buddy Roman to the Pak Klong Flower Market so that he can pick up some goodies for his girl who came to visit from Germany. This market always makes me so happy because it is just full of life, fragrant and absolutely beautiful. It is the biggest fresh flower market in the city where the streets are lined with local vendors selling roses, daisies, orchids, chrysanthemums and much much more.

Picked up a little treat for myself.
Simple Happiness.

I managed to get in contact with my grandfather’s neighbor from years ago when he was living in Vietnam and from them, I got in touch with my grandfather’s youngest sister. They were separated over 50 years ago when they left China. My grandfather went to Vietnam then to America in the late 70’s and she settled here in Thailand since then.

Was quite emotional for me to meet her because I had lost my grandfather last year and seeing the resemblance in her and our family…was just really special.

Spent this Sunday evening with her, her son and grandchildren. She had many photos and stories to share with me from and about my grandfather and I also filled her in on our life back in America.

Truly the most memorable day for me here in Thailand so far.

I never imagined that studying abroad would lead to the discovery of long lost relatives but am so happy that it has.

Happy Holidays from my Thai Family & I!



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