Sleepy Laos

Jacqui’s visa was about to expire so a few of us decided to cross the border with her to get it renewed…so, without an itinerary we were off to Laos for 4 days (Jacqui, Frida, Jess, Kathrin, Fanny, Mattieu and I) Naturally, with no advanced planning we arrived at the train station and tickets were sold out so, we headed to the bus station and began our 40+ hours spent on the road through Thailand to Vientiane, Vang Vien, Luang Prabang in Laos and back again. Needless to say, we were beyond exhausted by the end of our trip but our journey together was well worth it.

Four days venturing through a beautiful country with great company. My only gripe yet again is that we definitely needed more time but of course school got in the way again :p

Fanny from back home is traveling through SE Asia for a few months and upon arrival in Bangkok I dragged her along with us to Laos. Fanny graduated last year, worked for a bit, gathered some funds, quit her job, sold her car and got herself a one way ticket to Asia…..what for?!?! To travel.

Go Fanny!!!

After the 6 of us reached a compromise of how much time we wanted to spend in Vang Vien participating in Laos’ official sport – TUBING…we agreed on a mere 3 hours before heading to our next destination.

Tubing in a few words: Magnificent scenery, Brown river water, buckets of alcohol, rave paint, rope swings, bruises, water slides and a hangover. – 3 hours of memorable madness!

Streets of Vang Vien. stunning!

Complete change of scenery the following day.

Arrived early a.m. in Luang Prabang the following day, took a nap and freshened up for a day of bicycling around this insanely charming town.

Visiting historic Laotian Temples

beautiful mosaics at Wat Xieng Thong

Cafe Lounging & indulging

Magnificent Kwang Si Waterfall

lifetime friends.

Shimmering rice fields

Panoramic view of Luang Prabang & Mekong @ Mount Phou Si

Back to Vientiane (capital of Laos) for a few hours.

Did the usual touristy stuff..wandered around in the hot hot heat to check out some historic landmarks, had ourselves a yummy laotian lunch then straight to a cafe after for cappuccinos and Scandavian pastries…we don’t mess around when it comes to food! 🙂

This city itself was actually not that interesting so half a day was perfect before heading back home…sweeeeet home. Bangkok!

A main road in Vientiane

A few thoughts on Laos:

  • It’s true. Laos is a slow paced country. verrrry verrrrryyy sllllllooooow. For god sake even the name of their currency “KIP” means sleep! and their “hello” is “Sabaii dee” which is equivalent to relax in Thai. But no complaints here…I enjoyed the more relaxing pace and the general calmness (I guess the chaos of Bangkok has gotten to me just a tad).
  • Another country colonized by the French means – BAGUETTES! I think we all had baguettes coming out our pores in the heat. yummy!
  • Lime stones, rice paddies, lush landscape, unspoiled nature..simply beautiful.
  • Ice cold beer lao. mmmm
  • Young Laotian/Hmong girls. Faces rich with experience and compassion. More mature at age 15 than I’ll ever be.
  • Fascinating night market in Luang Prabang with gorgeous hand crafts..where the shop keepers would rather be sleeping than bargain with you. Right, I’m in Laos.
  • My trip this time was just a teaser. I will definitely return to this country again in the future.

Lovely Country!


Yes, I am a Vegetarian.

Ok ok…so I’ve kept fish as an exception for the time being so technically I am a Pescatarian but man did it feel good to say this for the very first time! It’s been one full week since I decided to make the transition and no difficulties so far.

I’ve met more vegetarians during my time abroad than I’ve known my entire life and I always admire them for being so strong willed. I finally asked myself WHY do I choose to eat meat and the only response I can think of is because it’s easier to have more options and…it’s good. Just these two reasons set against the countless reasons why I should NOT eat meat made me feel downright….selfish.

Just 3 reasons why I, personally choose not to eat meat.

  • I choose not to support cruelty to animals. (ie. factory farming)

    This is not something we’d see in America because it’s hidden from us but I saw this disturbing image in Cambodia and immediately felt ill! Poor piggies.

  • I choose not to contribute to human starvation (ie:if all Americans became vegetarian, it would free enough grain to feed 600,000,000 people (the population of India))Spent half a day with these beautiful children in Cambodia and again, felt disgusted with myself that my actions are effecting precious lives all around the world.
  • & I choose not to destroy the gift of mother nature (land energy & water). (ie:Overgrazing by cattle is destroying the land & increasing desertification)I want to continue traveling and seeing beautiful scenery like this rice field in Laos. I hope my (future) kids will have the opportunity as well.

Now, I can continue eating with a clear conscience 🙂

Matcha. Mochi. Midterms

In honor of woman’s day, I’d like to dedicate a short post to one of my greatest friends’ (from the UK) during this exchange.

A young woman with strong values, intelligent, kind, inadvertently witty, and remains my friend despite my bizarre antics.

A few photos from a typical outing with Miss. Dennison and I.

Meet Jessica.

Chah Cafe w/ beautiful slab furniture.

Organic Thai for Dinner

Dessert @ Mango Tango

Feeling uninspired by Supply Chain Management, we decided to make pom poms instead.

Oh yea, did I mention we were meant to study for midterms. Jess and I tend to get side tracked quite often obsessing over Bangkok’s Cafe Culture, food, creative blogs, crafts, and being broody.

Dreading the day we must bid farewell for a while.