Matcha. Mochi. Midterms

In honor of woman’s day, I’d like to dedicate a short post to one of my greatest friends’ (from the UK) during this exchange.

A young woman with strong values, intelligent, kind, inadvertently witty, and remains my friend despite my bizarre antics.

A few photos from a typical outing with Miss. Dennison and I.

Meet Jessica.

Chah Cafe w/ beautiful slab furniture.

Organic Thai for Dinner

Dessert @ Mango Tango

Feeling uninspired by Supply Chain Management, we decided to make pom poms instead.

Oh yea, did I mention we were meant to study for midterms. Jess and I tend to get side tracked quite often obsessing over Bangkok’s Cafe Culture, food, creative blogs, crafts, and being broody.

Dreading the day we must bid farewell for a while.


One thought on “Matcha. Mochi. Midterms

  1. Oh Aimi, so sweet of you to feature me in your blog! Put a huge smile on top of a huge smile! I look forward to beautiful pictures of Laos…Going to be so sad leaving you at the end of the semester…your (not so) asian buddy xxxxx

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