The Blue Lady

Just a few meters down Rajvithi Soi 9 from our Victory monument home for the past 4 months, is our beloved “blue lady.” Not too long ago she had the opportunity to rent a very small space, threw together 3 tables, a few stools, painted the place blue and satisfied many people with her amazing culinary skills!

Aroy mak maaaaak (very delicious), always fragrant, fresh, quick and affordable for us. So, this was the spot at least….2 times a week. But more often, two times a day :p

With just a few days left together, we decided to to ask her if she can throw together a little lesson for us and of course she exceeded our expectations. We got to learn how to cook a few of our favorite dishes, spent a beautiful day together and one last meal at our favorite restaurant. Unfortunately for us, she doesn’t speak much english at all but we fell in love with her charisma. This woman is unbelievably talented yet so humble and we’re very fortunate for the opportunity to spend a day with her as she shared some of her secrets 🙂

Some footage from our day. Enjoy!


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