The last few weeks of May was rather bitter sweet. It was the end of a year exchange and though I’d like to think it was not the “end” of many beautiful friendships that  blossomed from this journey; it just may be. However, I am confident that for most of us it was just a temporary farewell and we shall meet again in the future.

I was told far too often before I left my home in America that I will undoubtedly meet some of my best, lifetime friends during this experience and it’s so true. Most would also say that it is bound to happen because we are essentially drawn together from our homes all around the world by this experience and almost forced to stick together. Personally, I think it takes people fully opening themselves up and allowing others in, to really experience meaningful friendships/relationships. In this sense, I have been very blessed because in such a short amount of time I managed to build rich, fulfilling friendships with people who seemingly had nothing in common with me.

A handful or maybe even two, of beautiful friendships have developed among individuals from various countries, cultural/religious backgrounds, languages, experiences, perceptions, education and ideas. I wouldn’t even know where to begin sharing all of the things I’ve learned from everyone I have met this year but I am thankful for having you all in my life and the huge contribution you’ve made to my personal growth.

Wishing my friends nothing but the best and look forward to crossing paths again. xo

Some photos of memorable times and faces I adore! Thanks for all the good times!

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Ubuntu philosophy: “I am what I am because of who we all are.”