Pillows for Peace!

For those of you who have yet to see my video campaign, here it is. HUGE thanks to my dear friend Josh who helped me put this together!

For more details & to support: Click here!

On the campaign page you will see the same video campaign (above). The left column gives a full description of how much funds we need to raise and how it will be allocated. On the right hand side are the rewards offered based on contribution amounts. To donate, a paypal account is required and you will not be charged until the campaign ends 🙂

WHY PILLOWS? : I had the initial idea of supporting “peace building” initiatives by re-investing a percent of net profits earned through the business. So, Pillows for Peace came to mind as I was brainstorming and it stuck! After many visits to the artisan villages, I discovered bright and beautiful pillow cases being produced but mostly to be sold locally within their communities. I knew we had to get their products to the wider world! I’ve always loved ethnic textiles and found them to be so unique and playful. I think pillows are a great way to liven up any room; adding color, texture and with these pillows also comes a story! As the business model becomes self-sustainable in the future; we hope to carry more fair trade, textile goods, beyond pillows!


  • I think Social entrepreneurship is immensely fascinating. What better way to learn & raise awareness than doing it myself? With this first project, I will share each step of the way as I continue to learn and grow. I wanted to experience first-hand; how to use business strategies as a means to help developing communities at the grass root level. With this project, we will be creating a channel of distribution for rural artisans producing fair trade textiles. Which in turn increases their income and overall standard of living.
  • Fair trade NEEDS to be mainstream. In recent years, the fair trade movement has been growing rapidly but is yet to be mainstream. We will do our part in supporting the movement by carrying textile goods that meets fair trade standards. Here is a great animation about fair trade: learn more…
  • Support hand woven textiles. A beautiful craft that is deeply rooted in many cultures and a sustainable method of producing ethnic textiles. To learn more about the importance of weaving: Watch this! (I am a visual learner, so I like videos & animations 😛) Our goal is to support the artisans not only by helping them gain access to new markets but to share their stories with YOU! When I I had the opportunity to visit these villages, it feels very surreal! I know this may sound silly but I am so humbled by their lives. They live in very small communities where the emphasis on family and relationships is above everything else. They are genuinely sincere and will welcome you into their homes without any hesitation. They will share everything they have even if it’s not much AND they expect nothing from you. By simply supporting them with their craft, it enables them to flourish in their own communities & make a living with dignity.When our web site is fully running, we will feature the artisans and their stories so you can SEE how this small effort makes a huge impact in their lives.
  • Crowd funding! I have seen/heard too many people overlook their ideas because they don’t have money to get it started. When I discovered crowd funding, I wanted more people to know about it! And learn how they can turn a small idea into a reality! I think crowd funding is a wonderful way to not only get your idea off the ground but to get others involved in your project, to learn & get inspired. Again, what better way to spread the good than by doing it. So, I’m giving it a shot! So far, so good.
  • People who make a living doing what they love. Living life, their way. I have always been so inspired (and envious) of people who have been able to make a living doing what they love. For example, I’ve always been & still am obsessed with crafty blogs which are mostly created by women who make a living by blogging about their crafts & then selling it. Or, food blogs! photography blogs! travel blogs!…I can go on and on. I would sit at my day job answering phones and filing while drooling over their lives; never imagining that I can possibly make a living doing what I love. Well here I am; giving it my all.
  • Inspire others to think. This project is very very small (compared to all the amazing projects I’ve seen by other entrepreneurs) BUT it’s a starting point for me. If I can choose one motivating factor in pursuing this project; it was all the stories I’ve read about other “change makers” who ultimately got me thinking differently. I believe the greatest gift you can ever give to someone is that little nudge to get them thinking differently. I also believe that the biggest complement you can ever receive is that you’ve inspired someone to think differently. For me, I am always moved by real stories. Real challenges, discoveries, journeys. REAL lives.I love when people share their stories in a way that I can relate to them. Stories where they share the good, the bad and the ugly. This is what we need more of; young people telling their stories, their passions and future aspirations. Frankly, I think we are bombarded with just the “surface” of peoples lives such as we see on Facebook. We are taught to believe that sharing our lives challenges make us weak but I beg to differ. As a part of this project, my intention is to embrace transparency not only in the business aspect but in my personal journey as the entrepreneur. My successes, challenges and failures. Why? Because I think this is what what gets people thinking.


because it’s the ONLY way I can make this a reality.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION: The money donated to the project will go directly towards funding this initiative. You can see how the funds will be utilized by visiting our campaign page.

Our Goal is $8,100 to fully implement the project. So far, we have raised $2,885 !!! Thanks to YOU!!

I’ve had several people ask me if they can just mail me a check or transfer funds due to hassle with paypal etc. I appreciate the gesture but the whole purpose of crowd funding (to me) beyond the money; is to show how you CAN turn an idea into a reality if you can get others to see and believe in you.


  • REWARDS!!I love hand written letters. Hand made things. Beautiful Photos & of course our unique pillows from the artisan villages! SO, this is what’s being offered as a “thank you” for your contribution. Here is how it works:
    • For $10: you get an honorable mention on “our supporters” section of our website.
    • For $25: A hand written card from me! (& the above)
    • For $50: A Hand Woven Key chain from the tribal artisans in the North of Thailand. (& all of the above)
    • For $100: A hand carved wooden frame from Thailand with a printed photo that I’ve taken during my travels. (& all of the above)
    • For $250: One of our hand woven pillow cases from our collection. Tell us your favorite color or style preference and we’ll surprise you!
    • For $500: One of our favorite (new) hard cover books about Thailand which will showcase beautiful photography. And a hand woven blanket/throw to compliment your pillow. (& All of the above)
    • For $1000: You will get all of the above and if you are ever in Thailand; you’ll get a personal tour to the tribal villages in Chiang Mai (northern Thailand). Here you can visit the artisans, learn about the craft and SEE how you’ve helped their lives.

    AND you get to be a part of the journey! I will consistently update my blogs (here & my tumblr) with updates including written and media content so you can SEE how you’ve helped make this a reality.

The following are faces of some of our wonderful contributors thus far! Thank you so much for your support!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


& every bit of support helps!

Please help me make this project a reality by supporting, donating and spreading the word! 

thanks for the LOVE!


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