A good day

a must see!

While I was having dinner with a friend at a street stall last night; we were approached by a middle aged man who was selling miscellaneous accessories and typically I’d refuse but I asked what it was for and he said it’s because his home is flooded. So, I took a look at these little charms and asked if he has a rabbit because that is my Chinese astrology sign. He spoke English very well which was quite unexpected and told me “ah, you are born in the year of a rabbit — you are a very lucky girl and you will live a very happy life.” We continued to chat for a bit and before he left he said to me, ”

“…live everyday as if it was the first day of your life AND the very last day.””

We’ve all heard this before but I think for most of us it’s a challenge to fully embrace it. Coincidentally, as soon as I got home I decided to check out what’s new on TED and the video above was the first video I watched: A TED talk by Louie Schwartzberg on “Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.” Which had the same exact quote within the talk and it was such a nice coincidence — so, I had to share it 😛

Thanksgiving was a couple days ago but it didn’t really feel like it since I am far far away from home again this year. However — I did ask myself a few times what I’m thankful for and I just could not pin point one thing in particular.

After seeing this beautiful TED talk — I’d say, I am just so thankful to be alive.

So grateful for the chance to witness beauty in it’s purest form — all the new places, flavors, people, cultures, languages, colors, sounds, laughter & love.

So, incredibly thankful for life. and all the simple things that make it so beautiful. Including you!

Judge your successes by which you are enjoying peace, health and love

…because these are the intangible things which will remain within your consciousness.

A few photos from a very “successful” year. enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “A good day

  1. As an avid blogger I have never ventured out much and looked at what other people are doing. Today I did and i found your blog and this post. The old guy, your Chinese sign the Rabbit, TED and the coincidence and of course your gratitude. Also saw your Dimensions project on the sidebar. Looks like you’re into some beautiful stuff and the photography is gorgeous. Thanks Aimi. My own posts are a bit more hardcore political, social and New Age, but I love your spirit of sensitivity and beauty. Blog on

  2. I was re-reading your post just now and looking at the Ted Vid on Gratitude above and I now realize that my comment previous does go far enough in its praise of your work. Part of having gratitude means being generous where appropriate. So let me have another go at this. Your courage, and compassion shine forth like priceless jewels. The gifts you give the world reverberate to infinity. Thank you, you are doing the great work that now needs to be done

  3. Such kind words! I don’t feel deserving of so much praise as of yet but I appreciate your acknowledgment in my small effort — sharing some of the important things that I believe my generation is deprived of; love, compassion and gratitude.

    Personally, I began to recognize the importance of this based on observation, personal peeves, the death of my sister; looking within myself — I see so much ungratefulness, selfishness, greed and a divided generation which had created a society of unhappy; anxious, depressed, destructive, and dependent people.

    Furthermore — depleting natural resources, increasing gap between rich and poor, exploiting resources and people of developing countries and so on. It frightens me to imagine what my (future) children will experience as a result of our actions.

    The way i see it — we are so fortunate to be able to still enjoy so much beauty in life. It’s time for us to work collaboratively in creating a more sustainable world — filled with love and happy people and this means including all “life” into our journey.

    Anyway — for my age I’m often told that I am naive and unwise in my thinking but I would never want to instill such a mindset for our future generation. So, I greatly appreciate your support and I look forward to continue sharing.

  4. Your visual of photograph still sharp as the way your are:D
    Now i play wordpress more than before, i will always keep watch your journey na ja:D

  5. You are, truly, inspirational. I hope your journey continues to be full of growth and new endeavors. I am traveling alone to Vietnam to do some medical volunteer work with family and am planning on visiting Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia and was wondering if you had some tips in terms of find a group of people to travel with. I would be staying with family so I was thinking about stalking a local hostel to find a group of fellow itinerants. Also, if you have any recommendations as to what cities/landmarks to visit, please do share! I am more of a nature/outdoorsy traveler and prefer mother nature, villages, beaches, and humble surroundings over big cities. Thank you and keep shining.

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