Courageous Cambodia

After a brief 3 days in Cambodia (Siem Riep & Battambomg), I am feeling very unsure about my impressions of this country. There is no doubt that 3 days is hardly enough to come up with a clear snapshot of Cambodia but I will share what I got out of it in the past few days.

Briefly, my feelings & impressions of Cambodia. I had this idea that Cambodia would be very similar to Thailand (what I know of Thailand) but I was quite surprised by how far behind they are in development and widespread poverty. Really disheartening to know that just a few decades ago, 2 million Khmers were killed by their own people under the leadership of Pol Pot. A communist who wanted to overtake other communist countries by wiping out the educated and wealthy people of Cambodia. Mind boggling, I had no idea how bad the situation was! O_O No wonder the country is so far behind in development with so many of their intellectuals killed during the Khmer Rouge.

With the little interaction I had and observations I made during my visit I must say that the Khmers are very kind, so brave and the people especially the children are beautiful. I felt a strong sense of empathy for the people when traveling in Cambodia and spending time with some locals, bearing in mind the lost they’ve endured. Despite the horror that they’ve experienced, I noticed a strong sense of family and hope in their country which was very nice. Even the people who appear to have “nothing” seem to live quite comfortably with the little they have and have great relationships with their loved ones.

I spent two days in Siem Riep and one in Battambang. Here are some photos from my trip, enjoy!

But first! the night before heading out to Cambodia with Jacqui, Roman and Miina..a few of us decided to have one last big outing since Miina would leave for Finland just after our trip.

BAD BAD idea staying up until the crack of dawn drinking whiskey AND tequila O_O then attempting to pack while still inebriated and catching the 5am, 3rd class…super bumpy train. We definitely paid for it the next day but still managed to make it to Cambodia!!

Will miss you my dear!

Spent an entire day from sunrise to sunset exploring the temples of Angkor. Unfortunately I did not capture the photo I dreamt of during sunrise due to clouds NOR sunset because the sun set on the opposite side….womp womp. But, still amazing nonetheless!


Enjoyed watching the students bicycle to school. Life just seems so, simple.

Ended our evening with a very nice cambo dinner.
Reminisced over a few beers

Nori train ride through the rice fields and villages in Battambang

Brought some candy for the kids at a village in Battambang and hung out with them for a bit. So great to see how much appreciation they have for the smallest things and how charismatic they are. Was the highlight of my trip.
I lost count of how many baguettes I had but it was so nice to have warm baguettes sold everywhere!! Merci francais!

Next up, Vietnam w/ my mom for Tet!