Can’t Stop Freedom

Whilst in Vietnam I found flights on Airasia for about 60$ RT to Yangon, Burma and decided to embark on my first solo trip for a few days.

There is something intensely liberating about waking up in a completely foreign country, alone.

Trying new food.
(traditional burmese meal)
(Nangyi Thohk, myanmar tea & samosas)
(main road in yangon)
(Yangon Taxi)

(Bagan Sunrise)

(graceful myanmar woman)

(Shwedagon Paya. Stunning.)

(temples of old Bagan)

(Bagan Sunset

(Bustling market)

New Friends.

(Burmese Children)

Reflections of this trip:

  • Solo travel has been the ultimate self-indulgence. Hanging out with a monk for half a day. People watch for 2 hours at a cafe. Eat. Eat. Eat. Bike ride around Bagan aimlessly only to discover beautiful fields of crops and flowers. Taught Burmese kids how to use my DSLR, sat back and watched them snap silly photos of each other. Smiled from ear to ear the entire time resulting in loads of small talk and great conversations. Bargained my little heart out for some beautiful textiles and succeeded for less than half the price accompanied by an invite to try some Burmese treats. Read. Write. Relax. Observe.
  • Traveling in a country with an oppressive, dictatorial government where the common people are denied basic rights is disheartening. Really makes me re-think how I would like to contribute to society after I graduate and enter the workforce. How can I make a difference as a global citizen….hmmm, I think I’m a wee bit closer to discovering what I want to be “when I grow up” 😉
  • I Love Samosas.
  • Burmese people are kind, welcoming and curious about you!
  • Visiting Burma is important. but stay at locally run guesthouses, eat at local restaurants and avoid, whenever possible, government run businesses. The people need your help.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi is truly inspirational.
  • Blast to the past in Burma: cell phones hardly exist, intermittent internet throughout the country, cassettes still in use, traditional Burmese Longyi’s worn by everyone, no ATM’s or real banks.
  • Burma is unbelievable.